We stream our sermons on Facebook every Sunday and then post to our Youtube channel.

These videos exist, not to replace involvement in the local church, but to encourage and equip the saints, along with engaging the lost with the gospel.  We hope they bless you to these ends.

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Questions Christians Ask (2 Peter)

God of the Nations (Isaiah 13-39)

#Issues (June 2019)

Guilt. Grace. Glory. (Isaiah 1-12)

Back to Basics 2019

Christmas Carols (Advent 2018- Luke 1-2)

Jesus in His Own Words (The Gospel of John)

Family Matters (Proverbs)

Kingdom Living (Hebrews 12-13)

Firm in Faith (Hebrews 11)

Jesus is Better (Hebrews 1-10)

Back to Basics

Advent 2017

Faith Under Fire: A Study Through 1 Peter

Summer Love: The Book of Ruth

Blessed to Bless: Advent 2016

Church Gone Wild: 1 Corinthians

Fall Conference 2016: Devoted

Misc. Sermons